Choose your crystal

Crystals & Colors through their light and their chromatic ray support the connection with our physical, mental and emotional body.

Through the colors, discover the right crystal for you.

Color preferences are very personal and influence many aspects of conscious and unconscious life choices. As in many models of well-being, where like attracts like, you will be instinctively drawn to colors that reflect and support who you are and what you need for optimal well-being.

Surrounding ourselves with a specific crystal of that color or, on the contrary, rejecting it, can tell a lot about us, can provide us with a valid indication on the aspects on which we must work or on the contrary highlight our best sides.

Black crystals

Protection | Acceptance | Safety

Black is an all-encompassing color, it is a strong and authoritative color, a must have perfect for any situation, which does not impose having to choose; in a sense it is a color that does not take a stand; it is the classic formal color of elegance, it is minimalist but fundamentally mysterious; moreover, it can represent the end, the negation of color, and therefore death, loss; precisely for this reason it has always had a negative and evil connotation due to its physical characteristic of absorbing light at 100% and trapping it.

It is actually the symbol of sacrifice, spiritual sobriety, austerity, respect, power and protection. Black crystals protect, teach the sense of sacrifice and self-control, stimulate us to face reality clearly, lead to be rational by excluding feelings seen as an obstacle and increase the determination necessary to achieve one’s goals. They teach surrender and renunciation.

The stones and black crystals help bring to the surface everything that we had locked up in the cellar but which we are now ready to process and transform.

Black crystals are highly protective, they capture energy and neutralize it, promote rooting and protect the environment and absorb excess energy. Black and black crystals are related to the 1st chakra.

Gray and Metallic Crystals

Posting | Prudence | Reflection

GRAYis a neutral color; it is a color devoid of stimuli and psychological tendencies; in this sense, those who choose this color normally do not want compromises, responsibilities or involvements; psychologically it is the color of the immobility of justification, without actually taking part in any external event or influence.

Symbol of detachment, of distance and therefore of self-protection. Gray crystals communicate detachment, prudence and the ability to reflect before making a decision by making wise. They teach to protect themselves and to defend themselves from negative situations and people.

The gray crystals (silver and metallic) transmute negative energies into positive, assist in astral travel and heal the wounds that lead us to self-sabotage (due to childhood, ancestral trauma or related to a previous life). Gray crystals tend to be related to the 1st chakra.

Brown Crystals

Accommodation | Detoxification | Rooting

BROWN is a color linked to matter and body that expresses receptivity, sensuality, satisfaction of physical and sexual needs, balance and health.

Brown crystals purify, protect, provide grounding and protection, absorb toxic emotions and energies. Brown, crystals and brown stones are mainly related to the 1st chakra and the 2nd chakra.

Red Crystals

Sensitivity | Sensuality | Creativity

REDis traditionally associated with love, it is also the color of heat and energy; it is the symbol of fire, blood and sexual arousal

Red is connected to strength, power and nervous and vital activity; it is the color of passion and desire in all its forms, not only the love desire but also the economic or success one; it is a push for action towards revolutionary change; conveys confidence and is mostly worn by those who want to be the center of attention.

Red also tends to identify the present at a temporal level, it is typical of a person who lives in the here and now.

Red crystals provide physical and mental energy, induce movement and action, help to be extroverted and strengthen willpower, make them passionate and increase self-esteem and the desire to assert oneself.

The red crystals also stimulate creativity, help to root with the earth and to be more present and less with the head in the clouds. Red, red stones and crystals are connected to the 2nd chakra

Yellow Crystals

Self-confidence | Will | Interior strenght

YELLOW conveys happiness and good mood, represents the intellectual part of the brain

Yellow is considered a very strong color; it is luminous and evocative and in the range of primary colors it is the one that recalls the most lightness; indicates an open, relaxed and powerful personality, it is the color of the sun, of summer, of momentary happiness.

it is the color of the sun and for this reason it is a symbol of vitality, optimism and rebirth, the wearer has a strong personality and loves being around people, it is a whirlwind of energy, but not as constant as those who prefer red; yellow is a symbol of change, sometimes even superficially, the subject who prefers yellow never rests but is always on the move towards new ambitions;

Yellow acts as an aid to study to promote concentration, instills happiness, joy and protection;

Symbol of the Sun, yellow is linked to intelligence and the quick energy that comes from the nerves.

The yellow crystals chase away melancholy, make you extrovert and open to novelty, give imagination and the ability to concentrate and logic.

Yellow crystals work on the mind, balance emotions and rationality, are indicated against winter blues. Gold-colored crystals are associated with abundance, energy and illumination. Yellow, stones and yellow crystals are related to the 3rd chakra.

Green Crystals

Nature | Balance | Hope

GREENhelps to spread harmony and calm, and is very useful for those suffering from anxiety and depression; it is the color of nature and transmits feelings of peace, it is a hymn to life, to rebirth;

Those who prefer green tend to have clear and decisive opinions usually putting themselves on a pedestal, they are a proud and balanced person, who manages to create a barrier to external stimuli in such a way as to control and direct them; in this sense, greenery seeks better living conditions both in terms of health and practices.

Green is a symbol of knowledge and perseverance, green crystals calm, put in contact with the Earth and nature, teaching us to respect natural laws and traditions. They give judgment, clarity in making decisions and a sense of justice, willpower, perseverance. However, they also make them less prone to changes and make them less active and without initiative, delaying the expression of the energy accumulated but not manifested.

Green crystals anchor the higher consciousness to the Earth, sedate the energy and calm the emotions.

Green, green stones and green crystals are associated with the Emotional Reservoir

Pink Crystals

Love | Harmony | Compassion

PINK is traditionally associated with femininity, sweetness and romanticism; adult women resort to this color precisely to recover this dimension of purity and naivety typical of childhood, it is a choice that indicates the desire to emphasize their femininity.

Pink is the color of pure, spiritual and maternal love. It symbolizes the ability to love with passion and dedication and to know how to give oneself, it helps men to rediscover their feminine side (necessary to achieve balance).

Pink crystals stimulate compassion and openness to others, generosity and the ability to express feelings and tenderness. They give unconditional love, attract love and help overcome pain, grief and trauma.

Physically, the pink stones calm heart activity.

Pink, pink stones and crystals are linked to the 4th chakra

Blue and Light Blue Crystals

Communication | Self-expression | Opening

BLUE has a calming, reassuring and refreshing effect, and promotes meditation and the flow of energy, is non-invasive and leads to productivity.

Blue is associated with spirituality and sensitivity, in fact those who love this color are generally a quiet, reserved and meditative person, who prefers exclusive and elegant contexts; this tint relaxes because it communicates a sense of peace, stability and harmony; it is also the color of relationships, of fidelity to different degrees, which designates a stable relationship without tension, characterized by deep feelings.

The blue crystals are linked to communication, expression and creativity, the crystals of this color infuse harmony and dampen tensions, stimulate ideas. The blue stones, on the other hand, stimulate diplomatic and expressive skills and help to relate to others and loyalty by communicating in a kind way. Blue crystals encourage communication, favor mediumship, channeling, help develop intuition

Blue and blue crystals are linked to the 5th chakra. Blue and blue crystals are related to the 6th.

Purple Crystals

Intuition | Imagination | Wisdom

PURPLE is the color of magic; the union of red and blue creates an intuitive and fantastic force that can lead the subject to think that his wishes can be fulfilled; the very young prefer this color, precisely because this means still believing that the world is magical and that everything is possible; it is a color that can bring inspiration but also ambivalence, due precisely to these thrusts of strength and calm inherent in its composition.

It symbolizes the ability and the search for physical and emotional union with those you love and the sense of brotherhood and spiritual communion with others. They stimulate sensitivity and imagination and love for art, rebalancing excessive self-control and rationality. The purple stones also make it more seductive and seductive.

Purple crystals work with multidimensional realities, with spiritual energy and with the highest states of awareness.

Purple and purple crystals are related to the 7th chakra.

White Crystals

Energy | Clarity | Focus

WHITE is the color of purity, innocence and sensitivity, it is associated with bon tonand simple but refined elegance; in an environment it brings feelings of peace, healing and tranquility; it represents the beginning of something, a blank page on which to start writing a new story.

White crystals express hope, trust in the future and in others, the ability to see an opportunity in setbacks, the desire to turn the page but also fatalism. Suitable for those who need to regenerate.

The gray crystals (silver and metallic) transmute negative energies into positive, assist in astral travel and heal the wounds that lead us to self-sabotage (due to childhood, ancestral trauma or related to a previous life). Gray crystals tend to be related to the 1st chakra.