Tranquility & Relaxation Mala Beads

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This beautiful handmade mala is made from a mix of 108 beads of Fluorite, Magnesite and Rudraska wood with a multicolored tassel with indigo hues.

Fluoriteincreases brain strength; useful when the mind is tired and confused and in particular for people who abuse their physical and psychic energy due to an excessive sense of responsibility.

Magnesitecalms nervous tension, increases self-esteem and learning ability. Worn increases willpower.

Rudraksha is a natural seed, native to the Himalayas, India and Nepal.
These seeds change the wearer’s karma, naturally leading a person to the right path that will lead them to their own.
Rudraksha is scientifically proven to have many health benefits.

Malas are used in many religions and cultures around the world, both to help with prayer and meditation and simply to keep fingers busy during times of stress.

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